​​I missed the deadline.  Can I still register to vote?

Persons who are not registered in a county may register to vote during the one-stop early voting period. This process is called “Same-Day Registration” and is currently permitted due to  a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit; this option may be the subject of ongoing litigation in federal court.

To use same-day registration, a person must complete a voter registration application  and show an election official proof of residential address in the county.  This “proof of address” may consist of a current and valid photo ID or a document showing the name and current address of the applicant. To be current, the document must be the most recent version or at least dated within two (2) months of the date it is presented to an election official. Copies of acceptable documents are permissible. It is also permissible for a voter to present an electronic or online version of a document, as long as the document is obtained from the original source (e.g., e-Bills from utility companies, electronic bank statements, electronic earnings statement from employer, etc.) and shows his or her current name and address.

Within two business days of the person’s registration, the county board of elections will verify the person’s driver license or social security number, update the voter registration database, search for possible duplicate registrations, and proceed to verify the registrant’s address by mail. The registrant’s vote will be counted unless the county board of elections determines that the registrant is not qualified to vote.